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No Season Ticket Goes Unused Policy

“No Season Ticket-Goes-Unused” Policy

2021 The FUSE

  • Unused 2021 Inaugural Season Tickets may be exchanged for another 2021 Gastonia Honey Hunters Professional Baseball game, subject to availability.
  • Upon exchange, new tickets will be issued per the guidelines below:
  • The month of May season tickets are only redeemable for May or June home games.
  • The month of June season tickets are only redeemable for June or July home games.
  • The month of July season tickets are only redeemable for July or August home games.
  • The months of August/September season tickets are only redeemable for August/September home games.
  • If regular season games are played in October, September/October season tickets can be redeemed for October home games.
  • Unused season tickets are not redeemable for the post season home games.
  • Unused 2021 Season Tickets are good for redemption in any quantity, based upon availability.
  • Unused 2021 Season Tickets must be reissued in advance of the gameday and,
  • Requests will be processed by calling the Box Office or visiting the Home Plate Box Office at the FUSE.
  • This policy is based on availability. In the event that there are no available tickets in your seating level, you will be issued tickets in the next best available seating level.
  • Benefits will be based upon the benefits available with the seating level that is assigned.
  • Policy applies to all season tickets including Cabana Suites, Premium Club, and general seating bowl areas.